DIY Props

Here you will find blogs on different Props to make for your cosplays to really bring your character to life. From the little book your character holds to the scythe that your character swings around, we have the whole lot available here for you. From how to make you prop lighter, to what you should use to make your weapon really realistic like you are the character.

Templates for weapons can also be located here, and when printed out please make sure to get the size you want, as you dont want a 3 metre weapon printed completely on an A4 piece of paper! Recomendations for sizes for it to be printed on are stated on the tutorial of the weapon.

You will also find photos of cosplayers who have made these props and how it worked for them. We suggest you leave a review for other cosplayers to look at so they can make their prop.

To find blog posts on Props, look in Categories for the following.

  • Under ‘Templates’ you can find all blog posts on how to create templates for your props/where to find them.
  • Under ‘Materials’ you can find all blog posts on what materials are best to use for your props.

Jessica Nigri as Janna from League of Legends



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