In this section you will find easy to use patterns for costumes, and also tips on how to make your own patterns if you cannot afford/cannot find the certain pattern you need to use for that character.

You can also find here what fabrics are best for that certain character or for a certain costume piece that needs to be used. You can see cheaper alternatives for costume pieces if you are a cosplayer on a budget and even how to bring your costume to the next level. With tutorials of how to sew for a beginner and even more detailed things like how to make boots, to even styling your wig like Jesse from Team Rocket (its a struggle!), you can find everything and anything to do with costumes and wigs and even makeup for your cosplay to bring your character to real life.

To find blog posts on how to make different costumes, making your own patterns and information on different materials, Look in Categories:

  • ‘Costume Patterns’ include pre-made patterns and where to buy them, how to make your own patterns when on a budget.
  • ‘Fabrics’ include information on different materials and what they would be best for.


Costume by KamuiCosplay



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