Kingdom Hearts Weapon Patterns

Kingdom Hearts is an amazing game (if you aren’t playing it, you’re missing out). It is a Disney adventure game in which you play as the main character Sora along with Donald and Goofy. You fight with this weapon called the keyblade, and it is an awesome weapon! They come in different variations and can be very complicated, so for your ease, i shall include patterns and how too for the top 10 Kingdom Hearts Keyblades. But we aren’t just going to stop there! I will also be including weapons and patterns for The Organization XII Members and for the three characters from Birth by Sleep. (Once the game releases new weapons/if a keyblade is not seen but is highly requested, it will be added, so what would you like to see?)

CONTENTS (so you aren’t searching forever for the one you need ;-;)

  • Keyblades (Top 10)
  1. Kingdom Key
  2. Oathkeeper
  3. Oblivion
  4. Star Seeker
  5. Destiny’s Embrace
  6. Ultima Weapon
  7. Pumpkinhead
  8. Fairy Harp
  9. Soul Eater
  10. Photon Debugger
  • Organization XIII
  1. Xemnas: Ethereal Blades
  2. Xigbar: Sharpshooter
  3. Xaldin: Lindworm
  4. Vexen: Frozen Pride
  5. Lexaeus: Skysplitter
  6. Zexion: The Book of Retribution
  7. Saix: Lunatic
  8. Axel: Eternal Flames
  9. Demyx: Arpeggio
  10. Luxord: Fair Game
  11. Marluxia: Graceful Dahlia
  12. Larxene: Foudre
  13. Roxas: Kingdom Key
  14. Xion: Kingdom Key
  • Birth by Sleep
  1. Ventus: Wayward Wind
  2. Aqua: Rainfell
  3. Terra: Earthshaker




Kingdom Key Picture


Kingdom Key Template

The Kingdom Key is your beginner Keyblade for Sora in the Kingdom Hearts series. It may not be the most loved Keyblade, but it is a classic and definitely a Top 10 in the series. Characters Sora, Roxas and Xion (and even King Mickey) all wield the Kingdom Key, and this one is the easiest to make.
An easy and quick way to make this would be wood and foam (EVA foam/craft foam)


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