Top Pop Poplin Fabric

Top Pop Poplin Fabric is a cheap alternative to most fabric for Cosplayers on a budget.

It is a polyester cotton blend fabric that is heavyweight and durable, but does not stretch, so costumes may require zips and buttons to do up.

At Spotlight (or any other fabric store) prices per meter can range from around $3-$6, and come in all sorts of colors. I’ve been using a lot of Top Pop Poplin Fabric (being a student on a budget with little extra finances) and have some good experiences with it! If you check out my Facebook page, you can see multiple of my costume creations used with this fabric such as my Honoka Kousaka START!DASH costume from Love Live and even my Rize dress from Tokyo Ghoul! It’s a great fabric for cosplayers on a budget, the only problem is its little to no ability to stretch, requiring zips as something that need to be sewn into the costume to get in and out of.

But, I cant give a great review on my behalf! Try it out for yourself, spend a couple of dollars and experiment with it, and how you want it to work! If you make something out of it, make sure to leave a review of the fabric yourself (for others to get a range of views) and post a picture of what you have created!


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